Mouth of Fire

Dublin 8,

12 May 2024 // 19:30 GMT

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The fires are lit, and the halfway point is upon up. The light half of the year remains. We've come through the darkness, but there are still plenty of shadows cast by the long evening light. The veil is at its thin point. As thin as it will be in six months time, when Samhain is upon us. Many of our folktales and stories, epic myths, and magic happenings occur at this time. At the Mouth of Fire, there were ways to ward off evil spirits. But not all would listen, and even the great Kings fell victim to the mischief and mayhem of Bealtaine.

Join the sibling storytelling duo, Aron and Sorcha Hegarty, and special guest musicians who will accompany this epic tale with melody that will relax, amplify, and inspire the words of these stories. For more information, click here to read up on Candlelit Tales or check out their podcast for more stories here:

Fumbally Stables

Fumbally Ln,,  The Liberties,,

Dublin 8,

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Candlelit Tales was founded by sibling storytellers Aron and Sorcha Hegarty. Over the years of telling stories in the capital of this nation of storytellers, Candlelit Tales have developed and refined a uniquely expressive, naturalistic and modern style. Live music is the heartbeat of all the performances, and a live original music score composed by a team of talented musicians drives the rhythm of the storytelling, weaving through the tale and sweeping the listener away.

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